Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Been So Long

It has been awhile since I posted all the links to various pictures of mine that people have used on the internet. I will try and make the list complete but it's gonna be long - which is great for me :) It's nice that these people took the time to credit me and my pictures! Thanks! (money dripping) (leaf with raindrop) (million dollar bill) (toilet at the bottom) (school furniture) (child drawing) (gemstone) (gemstone) (smile) (dice) (computer) (parrot, down on the bottom right) (jane magnolia) (money) (money) (freedom) (computer) (Amy's wedding) (smile) (step 4, smile) (hair) (money with drops) (cross stitch) (balloons) (dictionaries) (pears) (dice) (balloons) (phlox) (money with drops) (computer) (smile) (heart) (paper chain) (vote) (freedom) (smile - kinda spooky) (smile) (crocus) (dictionaries) (notecards) (rose) (dice) (smile) (balloons) (leprechaun) (ring) (broom) (meat)

Okay, I think that's it. I might have missed a few.


lra.trad said...


I have found your pic october_27_058.jpg in and it's perfect for a post in my blog

I just wanted to thank you for the great job.

Loreto Riveiro
Litterate Translation & Localisation

alex said...

Hi there--I just used one of your photos on my site:

Thanks so much!