Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! I made it!

Over 1500 downloads! In just over 2 months! (on site on November 16, 2008)

sure wish I knew where they all went to and what they were used for :)

Looking for Something?

So the one free photo site I belong (jdurham123 with has a forum. There are several categories. One is picture requests. I looked through and there wasn't much I could help with. But one I could. Someone is looking for free pics of contacts, putting them in, etc.

Now, that isn't to say that there haven't been a lot submitted. But that particular free photo site is pretty specific about what they accept. They are just about as bad as the photo sell sites.

Anyway, I emailed the lady through sxc mail and let her know my email address so she could contact me directly.

And it got me to thinking today that I could do the same for lots of people. Well, I can try. If I have what you are looking for (item), etc.

So if you can't find something, drop me a line. Let me know what you are looking for. If I can't do it, I'll hook you up with the great photographers at morguefile if I can. We just like to help others with their need for pics. :)

But wait! How am I gonna take contact pictures? I won't be able to see :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Food Fotos Phood Photos

I have been on a kick lately of photographing food before I eat it. (Like it is gonna make it taste good longer??) I'm just so hungry in the winter and the food looks SO good!
I think it started with Thanksgiving. My turkey was so pretty!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Garden

Hurry! Hurry! If you got snow yesterday, get outside with that camera! You will find your whole garden is in bloom. Well, the blooms are all white. But they are such pretty flowers! SNOW flowers!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowy Wedding Dress

The other day I searched all over till I found my wedding dress. I wanted to take some pictures.

Today we are in the midst of a fabulous winter storm. Lots of snow and ice.

So I headed outside to take pictures. Of my dress. In the snow.

I am sure the neighbors thought I was insane (see my everything daisy blog for that whole run down).

I had lots of problems even seeing the dress when I was outside. And then there was the whole issue of footprints in the snow to detract. I needed to put the dress on some strings to drag it around and position it but I wasn't about to go to all that trouble when it is 19* out.

What I found out after downloading them from the camera was that the ones that contained other things, like a bush or tree, in them looked better because they provided some contrast in the pictures.

Some of the more closeup ones of the dress detail turned out nice against the fence and the metal arbor. I need to remember that contrast is important.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My List

I go through my day and think countless times, "I should take pictures of this/that." Yet somehow I always forget what I want to take pictures of when I am feeling in the mood/mode.

Really this post isn't for the readers. It's for me. It's my list of things I want to take pictures of.

green glass, fabrics, wedding dress, jewelry, bathroom fixtures, flooring, corks, shells, tools, furniture, wallpaper, little green things, country stuff, boxes, shoes, old stove, yarn, hands, bubls, beads, watches, jewelry drawers, green purse, lemonade pitcher, cabinets, buttons, legs, feet, toes, ears, scuba equipment, diving helmet, cross stitch

That's enough for now. Make your own list :) You might be surprised what you can come up with. :) As always, have fun!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

a Few More Free Headers

Once again, please note that these are free for private, non-commercial, personal use and are not to be sold. I would like credit to Photo Daisy :) Rustic Stars

St. Louis Scenes

Old Building Edge

New Free Headers

Please note that these are free for private, non-commercial use. If you like one and want to use it, please give me credit. :) Photo Daisy skies


eyes (sorry this is kinda spooky)


plants in black and white

Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to Change the Header!

If you didn't like any of the free ones from before, check back over the weekend. I will be working on my own tonight to reflect the season.

Yes, for me there is a change of season between January and February. February is so much more, well, loving and warm. I love Valentine's Day. And it ISN'T just for couples. I always have my students write notes to ALL their classmates telling them what they like about them. (We work on getting a variety of adjectives and verbs into our vocabulary).

It's mostly about showing someone you love or admire them. Which is perfect for us picture takers! We get to SHOW we care. So go be creative! Show your mom how much you love her by getting that special perfect picture framed. Make a collage of things your dad has made for you. Look for symbolism to share your bond with your sister or brother.

It's a holiday just made for photos!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I found out a couple things that were just so exciting I had to share.

1. All those backgrounds I was working on? They ALL got accepted. I was so excited and happy. Now if someone would just want to pay for them!

2. My sister emailed me about a photo editing site she thought I might like. She was very ho hum in the email. I almost passed on it but thought, ah, what the heck.

OH MY GOSH - I LOVE THIS PLACE! I signed up right away. You have got to check it out! And it is FREE!

I made this on my very first visit just goofing around. This is the infamous smile photo that has been downloaded over 1200 times. I like the way it makes my teeth look mean. That's funny!

Another Winner in the Photo Daisy Contest!

Yes, Martial Arts Mom correctly identified the photo! It was actually the new toilet (the back bottom part) that we installed at my mom and dad's. Well, I didn't install. I just took pictures! :) But it sure did have a neat shape and it looks like a cartoon guy sitting down and bending forward!

Congratulations Martial Arts Mom! You have just won a video on how to practice Martial Arts with a Toilet :) hahaha lol. Are you still practicing in the bathroom at work?

So I am off to post a new picture for the game! This one might be super hard!

Monday, January 19, 2009

But My Favorite Photo of the Day . . .

Caption: Now where did the toilet go?

This is my dad, pondering over the problems they have had with the toilet. I can say they successfully installed a new one and it works great! Gotta love those candid shots!

More Outdoor Black and Whites VOTE :)

Feel free to tell me which is your favorite!

Assorted Pictures from Today

I worked on black and white today. I like those pictures a lot but always forget about it. I really like black and whites when the scene looks dull and dreary. I think it makes them much more dramatic and alive. Here are some.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Do You Think?

This one makes me think of chocolate :)

green marbled sand background

This reminds me of a chalkboard backgroundThis one is my favorite - reminds me of watercolors and the ocean
Very peaceful and calming.

These have all been uploaded to stockexpert and are waiting for approval. I hope they get accepted :) I just keep trying.
If anyone is interested in purchasing the rights, contact me. If you are looking for something specific, I can make something designed just for you. My email is

Friday, January 16, 2009

What Else To Do

Well, as of yet, I still haven't sold any pics. But that's okay. I'm still new.

I worked all week on a few presentation backgrounds. And spent all evening tonight uploading them to the site. We will see if they get accepted first, then, just wait I guess.

It's funny because the photos I like aren't always the ones downloaded the most. In fact, my favorites are some that have never been downloaded from morguefile. That's funny. Weird. And I wonder why.

Any thoughts or comments on this would be great :)!

Maybe I'll do the George Costanza thing and just upload the opposite. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Users

Keep using those free pics from morguefile and sxc :)

Here are some more places that have used my pictures.
 (my mom's dog - not too happy - is on January 6th) (that is my water fountain in the fourth picture down) (those silly old books someone was throwing away at work, another popular picture) (colored pencils, popular picture, but something happened to the pic- it's fuzzy, not the original) (that smile picture that has been downloaded over 1000 times) (scroll down, mine is the one on the bottom right of highways taken from a plane ride)

I think I got them all but the list is getting long :) Yeah! Keep using them folks! Glad I could help!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I Came Up With

I'll tell ya. Simple and elegant is hard for me. I like busy and loud. I like a lot of input. A LOT.

When we go somewhere new, my husband always teases me and says, "Oh, I forgot. Your inputting," when I am gawking around all big eyed. I am like that robot on that old movie with Dan somebody and the character "Stephanie." (Been a while since I have seen it - it's from the 80's.)

It's hard to find an empty wall in my house. I just like a lot of stuff to see.
So I am guessing that is why simple is hard for me. I feel like something is missing. I will keep working on it but this is what I came up with last night. Not quite there yet.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What they need and want

So I just spent some time looking at the photo sell sites.

Trying to figure out what they want. What they need. What sells. And who is buying.

I'm off to the "drawing board."

I'm going to work on abstract background designs that can be used for business. Simple and elegant. (so not me) Wish me luck ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

That Top Space - Free Headers

I spent the morning working on stitching pictures together for headers. I really like doing that. Making them work together and look good. Or at least fun. And of course I like themes.
Here are some from this morning goofing around. If you want, feel free to copy and paste them and use them on your own blog (you will have to resize them) - they just cannot be used for profit or resale. I would just like to be given credit - jdurham w/ morguefile, jdurham123 w/sxc and dreamstime

white wedding

Red High Heels

Romantic Wedding

for the painter

this one is old, new, borrowed and blue

same candle picture, just changed on the computer over and over :)