Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Not Complaining

Since the middle of May there have been tons of places that have been using my pics. Some people have sent me links :) (thanks!) and some I have had to find. So here they are before the list gets insanely huge! (Bates home) (mom's cups) (step 4, hiking boots) (my classroom) (bluebells) (asparagus) (dictionaries) (abacus) (my bridge) (twisted dollar) (a place where I had a meeting) (my hand in the popcorn) (twisted dollar) (JB Cemetary) (green dictionaries) (tacos) (parrot - fifth one down) (on the computer) (dictionaries) (million dollar bills) (black white yellow crocus) (crazy socks) (pencils) (glue sticks) (gold shoes) (pears) (one the computer) (student artwork) (hubby writing list) (the smile) (super high heel) (laptop/calendar/coffee) (rose squared) (books) (raindrop rose) (broom) (red eye) (laptop/calendar/coffee) (my classroom - but cheating doesn't happen there!!!) (black Mexican hat) (#7, the gingerbreads) (crayon family drawing) (laptop/calendar/coffee) (million dollar bill)

So there you have it. Thanks all! Glad I could help!

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