Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hi! Glad you stopped by :)

I get a lot of emails and comments on morguefile and here on my blog about people using my photos. It is always so exciting to hear how you all utilize them and that they are helpful to further your artisitic endeavors. So thanks for all the comments and emails. I try to get to each one but sometimes miss a few :( My favorites are links to how you used them on the internet or book cover shots :)
It is always nice to be recognized as the photographer but I know sometimes that isn't possible. When in doubt, you can always credit jdurham at

Thanks all!


Thought Provoking Shirts said...

Hi. I wanted to let you know I used a photo you had on Morguefile. It was the one of the red mouth with vampire teeth. I cropped out the teeth because that was really all I needed. I used it for a design for t-shirts and other products regarding the TV show The Vampire Diaries. You can see it here.
Thank you!

MsHoliday said...

Hi there!

I wanted to let you know that I used on of your photos on morguefiles. You can see it here with credit:

Thank you!

Diver Daisy said...

I checked out both your sites - great uses of my pictures. Thanks for the links :)

Mrs.Kurtulus said...

I also use one of your photos. I'm a new blogger so I haven't any posts but I just want to tell you that I am using it =)


Beth said...


I wanted to let you know that I'll be using a photo of phlox you took that is on morguefile. Thanks so much! i will send you a link when I post it.

~Beth said...


I wanted to let you know I used one of your barbeque photos on a blog post about money saving barbeque tips.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just used your socks photo on my fiction blog to accompany a story called 'Mismatch'. Seemed to suit, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi...just used your pic of the black dog with the St. Patrick's Day hat for our school website to advertise hat day. Thank you for sharing your work! :) Here's the link

Theresa Conlin

Diver Daisy said...

Thanks for all the notices :) ! We just did hat day at my school too! Good luck!

Nita Davis said...

I too used one of your photographs. I was looking for a photo that would capture the essence of belonging to use on my blog and loved the idea of using your photograph of the sketch of people holding hands. You can check it out at
Thanks so much, Nita

Anonymous said...

I just used another of your photos for our school website for Education week! Here's the link

Thanks for sharing,
Theresa Conlin

Sherri Wilson Johnson said...

I used one of your photos from morguefiles (Amys Wedding 037d.jpg) in my book trailer. The book will be published by OakTara Publishing in a few months. I will be posting the video soon on Facebook and on my website. The publisher will post it too. Thank you so much for letting me use it!

Molly Campbell said...

Hi - just wanted to let you know that I might be using some of your stamp photos from Morguefile. I'm working on a redesign of my site right now, so if I end up using this version, I'll post a link! Thanks for the great photos!

Chris Loy said...

I used your balloons photo at*

Also I tried to email you at and the email bounced back as no such address.

Diver Daisy said...

Hi! I'm glad I could help you with a picture :) The jdurham is not an email address. It is just how to find me on morguefile, so I am jdurham on morguefile. But I saw it had turned it into a link so I just changed it :) Thanks

Kirsten Winkler said...

Hey there,
used your "globalized" eye for a post on Big Think today:


Mia said...

Hi used a photo from Morguefile for my new blog. It was one of a laptop and a cup of coffee. Thanks!

A.T. said...

Hi Daisy,

Thanks for sharing your photos!
I used one here:

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

The link above will take you to an article where I used one of your photographs. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am planning to use the "Freedom is not free" plaque photo in a slideshow of my students working on their September 11, 2001 Remembrance project. Thank you!

So Smrt said...

Hi! I used the shelf fungus picture for an online lesson on decomposition! Thanks,

Tessism said...

Hello, I used your picture at my blog The post is at Thank you for you great and generous work!

Germasidle said...

Hi I used one of your photos in a "How-to" for Cut Out and Keep - I gave credit and the address should be or here:

when it's published, in a few hours or so. Your photo was a close-up of yarn : d 096.jpg
Thank you!

Germasidle said...

Hi I used one of your photos in a "How-to" for Cut Out and Keep - I gave credit and the address should be or here:

when it's published, in a few hours or so. Your photo was a close-up of yarn : d 096.jpg
Thank you!

Alzabees said...

I used your image of dictionaries and refernce books in my blog entry earlier today. I loved how it seemed to sychronize perfectly with what I was saying.

The image is: (october_27_059.jpg)

The URL for the blog entry is:

Take care,

Alzabees, WW Leader and blogger on WW Community site.

Tessism said...

I used your images at my blog:

Thank you for your great work and generosity!

Primeros y Segundos said...

Hi! I'm Maria Alvarez from Spain, a teacher of English in a Primary school (Alcala de Henares, Madrid)I used your green cakes picture for a presentation about S.Patrick's Day. It's so yummy. Thank you very much.
You'll see the picture next March.

Bob said...

Hi, I just used one of your morgueFile photos for my blog.Thank you for making them available!

Donna said...

Hi just to let you know I used one of your photos in a blog post. - thank you so much for making it available on Morguefile. xx

Heidi Stevenson said...

I used one of your wonderful images here: Leach Aluminum from Your Body: Drink Silicon-Rich Water.

It's a beautiful image! Thank you for making it available.

Heidi Stevenson
Editor, Gaia Health

Alzabees said...

I used your brightly colored crayons for my recent blog entry on titled - Coloring Our New Year with "WHAT IFS?"

The url is:

Thanks for a cool image!

Take care, Alzabees.

Dianna said...

Hi! Just wanted to know I used one of your photos on my blog -- and gave you credit and linked here from my sidebar.

Thanks for the great photo!

E. B. said...

thank you very much for your photo (taken from morguefile)...i've used it in my blog for a new year post. url for the site is :

keep up the good work

Sam said...

Thanks for the use of your photo of books. You can see it here: Collecting rare books

Dawn said...

Hi you are wonderful person letting other use your gorgeous photos. I saw the lily pads with rain drops on morguefile and it would be perfect for my candle tag I make to go around my jar candles. I take the photos myself because I have seen the price of owning other people work but it was hard to capture this scent at this time of the year lol its called spring rain, which the photo fits perfectly, I would love to use it, if thats ok and I will post your name and your blog to my website.
Here at
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. xxxxxx

Zujava said...

Thanks for providing your great St. Patrick's Day sign photo from morguefile! It will be featured 2/6 on the Zujava blog.

Jay said...


I've placed one of your photo in my website from morguefile. My website is in case you want to see it. Thanks for your great photo!

Sharon Pfohl said...

I just became your newest follower after using a moreguefile photo on my new blog: Life Over 50 at ( Thank you! Hmm...anyone know how to make a link here?

Donna said... - Hi Daisy, I've used another one of your images in my blog - this one perfectly symbolised the 'Dream Team' to me. Thank you. xx

Steve said...

Hi I used a photo of your on my Facebook page about investing on a budget. not sure how to give you credit on Facebook. any thoughts?

K.M.Lockwood said...

I loved your image of an eye with the world for an iris . I used it on my blogpost about world-building : I am a writer. Thank you for sharing your work.

KM said...

Hi,My name is KM,living in japan,
creating design on Tshirt and mobile case.

I wanted to let you know
that i used your photo for my design.
(photo of boots)

If you dont want me to use your photo like that way
please tell , i'd quit showing and selling.


Tara Adams said...

Thanks for the great image!

Celeste Smucker said...

You can view your smile picture on my blog post:

Thanks so much!


*~Nightshadow~* said...

I used one of your bleeding hearts photos to make a 35th Wedding Anniversary card for my husband. He is very romantic and loves heart-shaped things. The card printed up beautifully.

Thanks so much.

Maria Burgess said...

Hi! I found you on Morguefiles and used your twisted dollar pic in one of my blog posts.
I will circulate what I can on both blog and site and full credits for you! Thank you for sharing your talent! =)

Dianna Graveman said...

Hi, and thanks for your photo of a laptop and coffee cup (Morguefile). I have a post scheduled tomorrow about the University of Missouri-St. Louis writing certificate program, and I used your photo. You'll be able to find it there tomorrow at
Thanks again!


Deidre M. Simpson said...

Hi! I wanted to thank you for the use of your green dictionaries photo from MorgueFile. The URL is below.

Deidre M. Simpson said...

Let's try this again! The URL is

Liesl Garner said...

Hi there - thanks for your morguefile photos.

I used one here today:!/

Thanks again,
Liesl Garner

Anonymous said...


used a couple of your photos here :

Thanks :)

Amy @ said...

Thanks! I plan to use: on my blog post today at Many thanks!

Astrid said...

Hi there,

My employer and I have used a few of your beautiful photos to go with the posts on our personal development blog.

One of the them is the eye with the globe in it, which I see you have in your banner. We used that for an article titled "Business Success: The Top 5 Advantages of Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs":

Another is for an article that we're going to publish on Friday. The topic is communication skills. It's one of the photos you have of a woman's mouth pronouncing different words with red lipstick on.

Thank you for making these photos available to everyone :)

Greice Castro said...

Hi, Daisy, how r you? I just wanted to let you know I used a photo you had on Morguefile on my blog. Here the link -


Carmela Martino said...

Hello, want let you know that I used one of your morguefile photos in my blog post today:

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diver Daisy - been struggling w. technology as I am not as young as many using Twitter, FB and so on. I used your photo from Morgue File for my US tax blog "IRS Snafu Wrong Year Right IP PIN" It was the photo showing a lady's feet wearing 2 different shoes. Perfect. I dont know how to credit you on Twitter.... and am trying to figure out how to credit you on the other platforms I plan to post this blog posting. Thank you. Virginia La Torre Jeker