Sunday, February 22, 2009

Extra Weight is Worth It

You would have thought (or at least I would have thought) that I had learned my lesson. But clearly, I haven't.

We went to dinner last night and it was cold and I really didn't even want to bring a purse, but I ended up just switching to something lighter and easier to carry.

As I was switching over I thought, "I don't need my camera do I? We are going to be inside a restaurant. That would be silly taking pictures."

It wasn't but 4 minutes out the door when I wished I had had it. The sun was going down and the drive offered a perfect view of a beautiful sky with hills and barren trees silhouetted in the distance. And when we got there, there were quaint little buildings (which I knew but had forgotten about) that are in the Swiss Alp style.

There were even Mardi Gras Parade goers walking about with their heavy laden beads.

And kids running in shorts and swimming suits through the plaza on a fierce cold night, headed toward the pool at the hotel.

Lots to see. Interesting things to see. But that is all I did. See them. Because the camera was at home.

I know better! Let's hope this reminds you that you do too :)

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