Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some Days

I considered myself lucky. I like all the aspects of taking pictures.

I like taking them. I like looking for shots. I like downloading them so I can REALLY see them. I like filing them on the computer in the right folders so I can find them. I like editing them. I like uploading and sharing them. I even like writing and talking about them.

I get bored taking pictures (cause everything is so dreary out) and so I spend some time in front of the computer. Or vice versa. You just never know what I might be doing. I might be editing photos from two weeks ago. Or downloading (which seems to take forever sometimes) and sorting.

This is so unusual for me.

I used to make jewelry - hated putting on the findings.

I cross stitch - hate getting out all the thread (even though it is pretty - hmm, should take a picture of that stuff)

I paint - hate cleaning the brushes (but that's okay cause I think everyone but my mom feels the same way)

I garden - hate deadheading. (weeding is up there too but at times I find it extremely therapeutic)

I teach - HATE grading papers and filing - I still have two milk crates under my desk of things to be filed from two years ago. Guess I know where I can file them now.

It's nice to do something that I like it as a whole.

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