Friday, March 6, 2009

Why I Started Photography

I have always liked taking pictures. When I was little I got a camera for Christmas one year. Those poor photos showed my sister in her Wonder Woman "Underoos." She even had on the tall boots. Legs out like she was a superhero. And I cut the top of her head off.

So normal for a small child, as the other week I let my three year old niece use my camera while we were all together playing Guitar Hero. Kids just have a different perspective of the world.

I like the documentation of photos. The entire cabinet under my TV is full of albums. My living room wall is covered with scuba diving photos.

Even with all this, I never thought of it as a hobby. I never took a class. I really never even thought about it. The whole darkroom thing just wasn't anything I was interested in (with all those stinky chemicals and darkness - oooooh.)
Then they came out with digital cameras.

Then I started selling on ebay. If you want to sell something, you better take a good picture of it.

I did that for probably 3 years and then it dawned on me, hey, other people could use or might want pictures of "stuff."

And then, I found morguefile. I just can't even explain how wonderful the community is there. The kindness, the givingness, and the genuine sharing and care for other people with the same hobby. Morguefile kinda made me want to do this with a whole heart. I think as time goes on, my heart becomes more evident in my pictures. Which has made me more critical of what I want to show as my own picture.

Don't get me wrong. I still sometimes upload very inferior pictures, but usually because that was the best I could get at that moment. Or I know someone would want it regardless, like if it was an unusual event or such that I can't go back in time and retake the pics.

But more and more I want my pictures to show how I really SEE something, which is usually beautiful in its own way.

But, I promise, no more cutting off of the heads :) unless it is on purpose.

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