Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Night's Splurge - Bacon Cheeseburger

So I'm not supposed to have cheese. Or greasy meat. Or bacon. But dang this was good!


LisaG said...

You really are a good photographer photodaisy, those burgers look great!

Diver Daisy said...

Thanks! It was so terrific and fattening! :(

scratzilla said...

hi i hope this is the right place to post.

I would like to notify you and say thanks for the stock photos i used off the
morguefile site.

the 2 photos i used are as follows:


divers bell helmet

here is the link to the photo i used them in.


this is my first attempt at "steampunk""

once again thanks very much
if you wish to contact me you can leave a note here:


take care and happy snapping.

Diver Daisy said...

Hi! Thanks for letting me know - glad you could find something you wanted to use! :)