Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Sixth Tag

I was tagged by a fellow blogger -

sixth folder, sixth photo, post it, tell the story behind it, then send the tag to six people

So tag, I'm it :)
There's the photo. Not one I love but I don't hate it either. This was taken on a field trip to Faust Park where my students become "pioneers." They carry firewood, water, cut/chop up their own veggies for stew/soup, churn their own butter, split logs, and learn about life back in the early 1800's in Missouri.
The farm we visit was owned by the first governor of Missouri. This actual building was occupied by a family who lived with the governor and it was believed to be the first home while the family waited for their big house to be built. But who knows??
The cabin is tiny and very old - an original building.
The day we went was a lovely day - not too hot, not rainy, etc. I love taking the kids there every year because they always feel so empowered and realize that they CAN do things - so many of them have never even tried because everything is always done for them! I like it because all I do is supervise while they do all the work :)
So there it is - my sixth folder, sixth photo pic and story. Now I have to see who I will tag . . . :)


LisaG said...

I'm glad you took the tag. The picture is nice and has a nice story to it. Thank you.

Diver Daisy said...

Thanks for thinking of me :)