Friday, November 7, 2008

Feeling Good

I recently set my google alerts to find my photos being used on the web. It wasn't hard but out of over 1000 downloads from, I would have expected there to be more than six. I think the problem is partially that people don't credit the photographer. Well, okay. But I just REALLY like to see how my photos are used. It makes me happy that I could help someone else get a message across.

And even though there was only six, I am so excited that there were six!!! How fun is that?? I only do this for fun, and seeing my picture used by someone gives me such a thrill!

Here are the places I have found so far :) (sorry, I can't read Spanish, so I don't know what the crawdad is saying :) hehe

Thanks to those who use my picture and give me credit! It's fun to see them! I know a couple others have told me they were using my pics in powerpoint presentations. Thanks to them for sending a quick message :) It really makes my day!


Anonymous said...

Hi there-
Just wanted to let you know I am using one of your pictures in a hub I just published at hubpages:
I didn't see an email address on morguefile for you so I thought I'd let you know on your blog. Thank you so much for providing pictures on morguefile. It is so greatly appreciated by people like me, who want to jazz up their online writing with pictures but can't yet afford to pay for them!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo from Morguefile. Used in a report on education by Not yet published as of 11/12/08.

Diver Daisy said...

Thanks to both of you for letting me know! It's so exciting for me :)