Friday, November 21, 2008

Cloud Nine

I have to say, taking pictures really gets to me. It makes me appreciate the beauty around me. It makes me examine things closer. It even makes me watch TV differently.

Always having been a heavily visual person, taking pictures is right up my alley. When I was little, family members always wanted me to find things for them. As I grew older, my color sense was so good, I could match a sweater or blouse color to something I had at home perfectly. And as a teacher, I SPY and Waldo books are fun and I can always quickly find what the kids can't after extensive searching.

But, I feel I have stepped to the next level. It is a long and ongoing journey for me and I realize the road is even longer than I have halfway traveled. But still, it is a next step for me and I couldn't be more excited.

Today 2 of my photos were accepted to a website that sells photos. Most real photographers are probably thinking, "Is she kidding? That's it? That is what she is excited about?"

Yes, it is. I would never call myself a photographer but the site seems pretty strict and has rigid specifications (at least to me and my greenhorn state). And while I had three that were rejected, two weren't!

It gives me hope to keep trying and working on this hobby/project. I just want to improve and be better at something I enjoy. And I love learning new things.

So, I am now a contributor at

But my favorite place continues to be Those people are great.


lalaine said...

hey! I found your site via morguefile. Love their no hassle procedures too. By the way, I am thinking of using your lobster with money for an article I am going to be doing. I love it...just that I am discussing Christmas and cute lobster does not fit the topic.

Diver Daisy said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Out of all the crawdads we had in the classroom, he was the meanest so he got to be the model. I think he liked it!
Morguefile is so great. I can't wait till they are done with the move because I have some fantastic new pictures to upload :)