Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feeling Weird?

Have any of you ever felt weird when you were taking pictures? How do you get over this?

I got some great shots today coming out of a meeting. I had seen a stone eagle monument on my way in and then met up with someone and didn't have time to take a shot. On my way out I was alone and armed with camera in hand.

I hunched up close to get an upshot, with the beautiful sky in the background and a flag blowing. I would have LOVED to lay down but thought that was going just a tad too far in my heels and nice coat. Meanwhile, people are still streaming out from the meeting ~ and of course, I could just hear them in my mind. "What is she doing?" "Is she ok?" blah blah blah That mind of mine just runs on.

So I felt weird and didn't get the exact shot I wanted, although they aren't the worst. What makes you feel "ok" when you take pictures?
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