Monday, October 27, 2008

Has It Been That Long??

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted here. But yes, I guess it has been about 1000 pictures ago.

I amazed by how many pictures I have taken. My poor old Konica (about 7 years old) has "rolled over" just like an odometer on a car. It no longer numbers the pictures correctly. I have to add 10000 to the number to know how many I have taken.

This got me to thinking. Do the cards ever wear out? Has yours? Did you know it was worn out before you shot a bunch of pics? How long do they last? If you know, I would love for you to post a reply.

But getting back to how many . . . I guess that really isn't accurate, as that poor old guy doesn't go underwater with me. We have a Sea n Sea (not digital:( ) for that. Maybe someday we will upgrade underwater but we need to upgrade our scuba gear first.

Now I am just reminiscing and missing all the pictures that are stored on my old hard drive from the dead computer. Those are more sentimental than anything. Graduations, births, birthdays, etc., that I have yet to try to have removed/restored. I heard it might be possible for $60/hr but, if they can't do it, and I go in thinking that they might be able to, I will be so sad. So I just keep waiting and hoping that maybe they will come up with something for lay people to use that is sure fire for retrieving and restoring data from dead computers.

Having said this, I better get an external hard drive soon :) I learned my lesson.

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