Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yeah Me :)

I recently won a photo contest on

The subject was voting and ballots. While not many people entered or voted, I was still excited. It made me feel like I can take a picture (at least sometimes :) ).

I also signed up to another website to sell my photos. I got 11 of them accepted right off the bat. That REALLY excited me. (Even though no one has even looked at one for purchasing yet.) On that site (stockexpert) I am jdurham123

So, I had to delete some of my photos that were previously free on other sites because they were accepted at stockexpert. I guess I didn't HAVE to, but it seemed kind of silly to offer a picture for sale on one site and have it free on another site - kinda defeats the purpose.

I am still patiently waiting for morguefile (my favorite free site) because I have tons of pics to offer as soon as they let the uploading begin. In the short time I have been visiting and contributing to the site, I have learned A TON! They even have free online "classes" you can take (at your own pace). Great information!
So lately, it's been kind of fun, picture wise. Yeah me! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanted to let youknow that I have attached one of yu pictures t an article of mine:

Hope this is ok with you.

Your work is great!



Diver Daisy said...

Thanks! It is perfectly ok and thanks for letting me know! I collect websites that use my pictures :)