Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Eve Walk

For the last few years, we have walked around the neighborhood at night in winter to see the lights. This year, it happened that we took our walk on Christmas Eve.
It was frigid.
I took my camera to play with the slow shutter speed option. (My camera is nothing fancy but I was surprised to realize it even had this feature at all!) I enjoy this and it does make some interesting pictures.

I especially liked this one. Of course the house isn't moving, it was me on purpose. Maybe that's why it was fun. Instead of holding my breath, I had to purposely move in a direction of my choosing!

This house is infamous in the neighborhood for the amount of lights and "thingys" that they set all over the yard (little lighted statues of penguins, snowmen, and such). I liked the swirls I got with this photo.

Same house, different direction of movement. I like this cause it kinda looks like people standing in the front.
I felt almost intrusive taking pictures of my neighborhood houses. They were all snug in their homes, we could smell fireplaces, and it was all very calm despite the cold fingers and wind whipping my face. I'm sure if any of them looked out, they thought were absolutely crazy. First off for walking outside on a cold dark night and second for taking pictures!
I've got some sparklers I might do on New Year's Eve. They might look good like this!

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