Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some Day, One Day

I keep hoping my next post will be about actually selling my first picture from one of the internet sites, such as or

But, every day (well almost) I faithfully check and every day, nothing. I am still optimistic for several reasons.

1. There are a LOT of good pictures out there that are free (and some of them are mine!) is just about ready to change (I saw sample pics of the new site layout) and I was impressed and glad to be a member!

2. I am still new to taking pictures.

3. I have one photo ( ) that has been downloaded almost 800 times! (Actually it is like 788) I provided the link in case you want to see it. Yes, an astounding 800 times in about a month. What could it be? A smile! I sent it to both the sell sites, but neither of them accepted it. Granted, it is not perfect by any means. And the teeth are not perfect either. But someone seems to like it - a lot!

At this point you might wonder, as I have, what on earth are people using it for? I am very curious. I have only received one notice about someone using it. It is in a foreign language (German, if I remember correctly.) And they advertised it as DENTURES!

Here is the link:

Yep, they think MY REAL TEETH might be DENTURES! I found that highly amusing.

So I will keep on plugging away at this picture thing, if only to provide amusement for myself and others :)

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