Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to Change the Header!

If you didn't like any of the free ones from before, check back over the weekend. I will be working on my own tonight to reflect the season.

Yes, for me there is a change of season between January and February. February is so much more, well, loving and warm. I love Valentine's Day. And it ISN'T just for couples. I always have my students write notes to ALL their classmates telling them what they like about them. (We work on getting a variety of adjectives and verbs into our vocabulary).

It's mostly about showing someone you love or admire them. Which is perfect for us picture takers! We get to SHOW we care. So go be creative! Show your mom how much you love her by getting that special perfect picture framed. Make a collage of things your dad has made for you. Look for symbolism to share your bond with your sister or brother.

It's a holiday just made for photos!

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