Friday, January 2, 2009

I Missed It

I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I woke up yesterday because I hadn't taken any New Year's Eve pictures. Not one. I was just too busy banging pots and pans, kissing my hubby, setting of fireworks and watching other fireworks.

We had people over who were new, so I didn't want to whip the camera out before midnight cause I didn't want them thinking I was going to blackmail them with all the fun we were having:)

Before they arrived I was too busy cleaning the house and getting ready. So, not one single picture.

Yesterday on New Year's Day, I lounged. I ate. I read. I played cards and games online. I talked to my mom. And not one picture was taken. There wasn't a lot of inspiration for taking a picture.

So here I am on January 2 with no pictures of the New Year. I keep pondering what I am going to go take a picture of. I want it to reflect the new year, or the old year, or be something meaningful.
Okay. Here it is. You might look and say, "I thought she wanted something inspirational!" But to me, it is. It is hope, and faith, and romance. It is simplicity and peace. It is fresh and green. It is quiet moments. It is solitary yet welcoming. It is last year and hopefully this year. It is home.

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