Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Winner in the Photo Daisy Contest!

Yes, Martial Arts Mom correctly identified the photo! It was actually the new toilet (the back bottom part) that we installed at my mom and dad's. Well, I didn't install. I just took pictures! :) But it sure did have a neat shape and it looks like a cartoon guy sitting down and bending forward!

Congratulations Martial Arts Mom! You have just won a video on how to practice Martial Arts with a Toilet :) hahaha lol. Are you still practicing in the bathroom at work?

So I am off to post a new picture for the game! This one might be super hard!


Martial Arts Mom said...

In my new office, I have lots of open room and am alone alot so I don't need to go to the bathrooms to practice here! : )

Diver Daisy said...

yes, but I am sure it would be very satisfying to crack a porcelain toilet and make water spew everywhere! I am picturing how fun that might be.