Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Smiles

So a couple posts ago, I wrote about a picture of mine that had been downloaded almost 800 times. It is now up to 957. (click HERE to see the photo)

I also recently was informed of two more uses for that photo, which I have been so curious about. I get informed by using google alerts, and if you haven't tried this, you really need to. It is great and does all the work of regular searching for you!

Anyway, I get informed by google alerts and they always give the title of the website or article. And I have to admit, this time I was nervous. The first article was "How to prevent tooth decay" or something close to that. When I read that, I figured they had thought my teeth were dirty OR had taken the photo and altered it and gave me some black teeth or something. But, they didn't (thank goodness).

Here is the link

There was also another article about the top five mouthwashes that used the same photo :)

I found that amusing because I am not a big mouthwash fan. I prefer my 5 minute electric toothbrush routine.

I love seeing people use my pictures!!!!!!!

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