Saturday, January 10, 2009


Organization seems to always be the key for January. New Year. Resolutions. New start. Do overs! Trying to organize our lives into something more manageable.

I recently posted a question in the morguefile forum about how to organize pictures. I wanted to know what others were doing and how they were doing it. I had no organization except by dated filed on my computer, which really isn't a way to find something because after a while you tend to forget on what day you took what.

So I spent an entire day organizing them by categories. I even deleted the bad ones (finally).

But my post brought out a lot of comments that others are struggling with this too.
One of the biggest problems is cross categorization. I have not overcome that hurdle.

I'm not any where near needing a separate program to do this. And because I also have family photos, online storage really isn't an option for me. My family life is personal and private. I don't think my family wants to see their pictures plastered on the internet either. Although I did get a really good blackmail shot of my sister and her backside at Christmas :)

I guess for now they will just be in their file folders, sorted by categories. Hopefully when I go to look for something I will remember what category I put it in. ;)

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HEY!!!! that MY boat!!!!!!