Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Drive by Uncle Bill's Pancake House

I love it when I get to visit the city. I grew up there. There are a lot of memories there. And there is always SOMETHING to take a picture of.

I got a lot of good ones today, especially since I wasn't driving :) hehehe
I think the sign says 23 hours, rather than 24! Also I find it amusing that there is a martini on their sign. I don't think they go well with pancakes!

A building on Kingshighway - you just don't find old buildings like this everywhere.

And it's doorway entrance - gotta love those stoplights at every corner. They let you take a real good picture!

Some day these things won't be there anymore. I got a lot more landmark pictures on the drive. Just nice to look at and remember back when.

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